Indigenous Stages, Volume 1 (Fall 2022)

INDIGENOUS STAGES (IS) is the world’s first and only global interdisciplinary academic journal dedicated solely to indigenous stages. Its mission is to foster, survey, and publish the contemporary and historical theoretical discourse surrounding the field. Empirical and theoretical peer-reviewed articles, as well as critical book and performance reviews, will contribute to further strengthening indigenous studies as an academic discipline within theatre and performance studies. 

The English language biannual IS journal welcomes submissions from all adjacent disciplines. 

Editorial Board:

Founder and Lead Editor: Opalanietet Ryan Pierce
Ph.D. Candidate, The Graduate Center CUNY, New York.


Published by The Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, The Graduate Center CUNY, New York.

The Graduate Center CUNY Graduate Center. 365 Fifth Avenue, New York NY 10016

©2022 by Martin E. Segal Theatre Center

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